Chi offers Advanced American Technology in all their nail products:

CHI 44 Ceramic – Provides strength and durability for long lasting wear of the CHI Ceramic Nail Lacquer

Silk – Application ease, brilliant shine and is nourishing to the nail

Nano Silver – Reduces the spread of bacteria and fungus which prevents the transfer from person to person

Also Chi products do NOT contain any of these harmful ingredients: Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) FREE!

For the nail professional, their bottle is ergonomically designed with you in mind. The contour of the bottle was created to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. In addition, the elongated handle allows for smooth and controlled artistic-like brush strokes.

# My White Knight Matte CL001 Shell of a Good Time Frosted CL002 Ice Queen Frosted CL003 White Russian Sheer CL004 Milk Shake Sheer CL005 Oh Baby, Baby Sheer CL006 Sorbet Addict Frosted CL007 Always A Bridesmaid Matte CL008 Catch Wink Pink Sheer CL009 Sunday Afternoon Romance Sheer/Frosted CL010 Glimmer of Hope Sheer CL011 Pretending to be Shy Frosted CL013 P-CHI’s & Cream Sheer CL014 Chardonnay Everyday Shimmer CL015 I Love You a Latte Matte CL016 I’m 30, Where is He? Shimmer CL017 CHI-ling on the Beach Shimmer CL018 Boardroom Babe Frosted CL019 Mucho Mocha Loca Matte CL020 Ring Around the Roses Frosted CL021 Sugar Snap Shimmer CL022 Playing Hard to Get Frosted CL023 CHI You in My Dreams Shimmer CL024 Yo Quiero CHI Matte CL025 Raisin the Roof Matte CL026 E-mauv-otional Roller Coaster Shimmer CL027 Mauve-isita Shimmer CL028 Bad Girl Gone Good Shimmer CL029 Make Me Blush Shimmer CL030 Bahama Mama Frosted CL031 Lovie Dovie Frosted CL033 Whistlin’ Dixie Frosted CL034 Amora To Drink-a Sheer/Frosted CL035 PaDink-a-Dink Pink Sheer CL036 Queen of CHIba Shimmer CL037 Big City Rush Blush Shimmer CL038 Wrapped Around My Little PINKy Frosted CL039 It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere Frosted CL040 Out for a Drink of Lunch Matte CL041 Meet Me in the Copy Room Frosted CL042 Double Fisted Fuchsia Frosted CL043 Double Fisted Fuchsia Frosted CL043 Drama Mama Matte CL044 Drama Queen Tangerine Shimmer CL045 Salsalita y Margarita Matte CL046 Salsalita y Margarita Matte CL046 CHI Red Matte CL047 CHI-licious Frosted CL048 Heels Over Head RED Matte CL049 Texas Red Hot CHI-li Matte CL050 Muy Caliente Matte CL051 CHI-CHI Bang Bang Frosted CL052 Foxie Roxie Red Matte CL053 Miss Shops A LOT Matte CL054 He’s CHI-ting on Me Shimmer CL055 Infra RED-Head Matte CL056 Knock’em Dead Red Matte CL057 Wine & CHI-zee Frosted CL058 Attire Not Required Sheer/Shimmer CL059 Romance In France Sheer CL060 A La Mode Sheer/Shimmer CL061 Au Naturel Sheer CL062 Crème De La Crème Sheer/Shimmer CL063 déjà vu Sheer/Shimmer CL064 Risque Lingerie Sheer CL065 Mocha Latte To Go Crème CL066 Fashion Junkie Crème CL067 Gold Standard Frosted CL068 Overnight Celebrity Glitter CL069 My Little Black Book Crème CL07 Night Orchid Shimmer CL071 Sultry Nights Shimmer CL072 Sexy In Stilettos Frosted CL073 Lust In The Dusk CL074 My Knight in Shining Armor CL075 Behind Closed Doors CL076 Coral Me to the Dance Floor CL077 Hypnotized CL078 Takes Two To Tango CL079 Last Night on Wisteria Ln CL080 Tea Party Pink CL081 Contract Claws CL082 Office Gossip CL083 She’s Envious CL084 Mocha Chino on the Go CL085 Open Door Policy CL086 Passionate For My Work CL087 A Fine Glass of Wine in the South of France CL089 Aqua Water on the Isles of Mikonos CL090 Montego Bay Orange Lush Resort CL091 Sunny Romance of Saint Tropez CL092 Sunny Romance of Saint Tropez CL092 Brown Sands on Maui Beaches CL093 Purple Nights at the Mexican Riviera CL094 Underwater at the Great Barrier Coral Reef CL095 Passion on the Mediterranean Cruise CL096 Love that Milky Way Shake CL097 I am Thankful for My Earth CL098 Check out the Venus Goddess CL099 My Red Hot Martian Lover CL100 Hot Ring Illusion around Saturn CL101 Romance under the Blue Moon CL102 Her Intelligent Constellation CL103 Wish upon a Mercury Shooting Star CL104 In Between The Sheets Matte CL106 Passionate Kiss Matte CL107 Midnight Rendezvous Shimmer CL108 My Secret Fetish Shimmer CL109 Picnic in Central Park Matte CL110 Lost My BiCHIni CLE702 Sand in My Shorts CLE703 No Top Required CLE704 Can You Oil My Up CLE705 Beach Party Babe CLE707 Hot Summer Breeze CLE708